Monday, January 4, 2016

A Life Experiment

I am about to be very honest with you. Just a heads up. There's no pictures. No cute stories, just honesty and a decision.

I have realized today that I have been very discontent with life lately. I am bored out of my mind, spend most of the day on the couch watching TV, and have little to no interest in playing with my babe. I know that this sounds a lot like depression, but I don't think that it is. This happens occasionally, mostly in the winter when there is very little gardening to do. I think it is a lack of being busy. Perhaps busy is the wrong word, although I tend to thrive when I am busy. Maybe it is a lack of work that has to be done today, that can't be put off until tomorrow or the next day or next week. I know for sure that it comes from a lack of quiet time. I also know for sure that all of this is my own fault, and that I shouldn't be discontent with life. I have an awesome family, great friends, and a fantastic God who takes great care of me. My husband has a job that pays the bills and allows me to stay home to raise our children. I should be quite content with my life, but I'm not. So, I'm going to have a life experiment. Things will change for me, and the babe, and perhaps come February, I will chose to continue this. So, here it is:

1. Get up before the babe, at a consistent time every day.
2. Actually eat real food. (I feel like this needs some explanation. When I spend most of my day bored, I tend to either a) forget to eat entirely, or b) eat whatever junk food is in the house. Neither is good when pregnant, which I am. So, for this step, real breakfast, and not just a glass of juice, maybe some toast or an egg. Make lunch and dinner. They don't have to be anything special, but something other than cereal or pb and j for both.)
3. Spend 2 hours a day outside unless it is raining or below freezing. We have coats. We will be fine.
4. Make a schedule of things to do when I get up.
5. Make sure I have a quiet time before the babe wakes in the morning.

So, here goes nothing. I think this will get me moving, eating normally, and spending time with the Lord at the very least. I am hoping that it will help turn my discontentment into contentment. After all, God is good, and the life He has given me is also good. I just need to be reminded of that sometimes. These are not resolutions. I know myself well enough to know that I wouldn't keep them if they were. This is an experiment for the next 27 days. I can do anything for 27 days.

Wish me luck! I'll try and keep you updated with how things go.

Oh, and I gave up Facebook for the rest of the month as well! That should give me more time!

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