Monday, January 26, 2015

Happiness and Celery

This afternoon I am happy. It's not that kind of overjoyed hyper kind of happy, just that satisfied with life kind of happy. I finished the taxes, and we are getting a return, which was surprising. The sun is shining in random bouts, which is satisfying in the middle of winter.

Speaking of the middle of winter, I've had the worst gardening itch for the last few weeks, and as anybody knows, you can't garden in the middle of winter without a green house. I do not have a green house... but I do have a window sill in the kitchen! I've been seeing on Pinterest for a while that there are some different food "scraps" that can be regrown, and I was all like "what the heck. I'll give it a try", so I did. We eat a good bit of celery, and supposedly if you chop off the bottom 2ish inches and stick it in a bowl of water it will regrow.

IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After three days it grew leaves. After three weeks, we have a root! Come spring I will plant it in the garden and we will have all the celery we can eat! Yippie! And the green onions have grown so much that I've had to give them a severe hair cut twice, but that wasn't nearly as exciting as celery. And here's a picture of my window sill garden.

Oh, and my seeds came today too! Thanks Ray!

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