Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Day to Celebrate

Some days are just worth celebrating, and today is one of them. See that cutie pie in the picture? That's my daughter. She is my cutie pie, I love her, and today I am extra proud of her. She rolled over for the first time today. Yay! Excitement!

I realize that for some of you this is kind of just whatever, but its not. Its a huge milestone in her development in the same lines of saying her first word or taking her first step. In the whole of her lifetime, these seem like little things, but they are extremely important. Firsts are important because life is filled with them. Remember your first kiss, or your first big kid bike, or the first time you tasted your favorite ice cream? These are big deals, and they should be. Today was my daughter's first time rolling over, and I will cherish the memory forever. Today, I will celebrate the awesome gift that God has given me in her, because I can, because I have reason to.

Roll on, sweet baby girl. Roll on!

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